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Garden for Entertaining, Relaxation and Contemplation


Residential, Ascot

This garden has a modern, contemporary entertaining space close to the house, taking advantage of a south facing aspect and views towards woodland. There is space for a seating area and a dining and BBQ terrace. Planting is hot and colourful – purples, blues and oranges – to give it a vibrant feeling. As you move further out into the garden, there is a deck facing east – a place to enjoy the morning sun, and an evening sunset terrace where you can enjoy a drink, and light a fire to extend your evening long after sunset.

The pathways through the lawn then lead you on a journey through the garden – providing places to explore, and rest along the way. Woodland edge planting is blues, greens and whites to provide a calming ambience. A new kids’ retreat nestles on the edge of the woodland.

The final part of the garden is woodland, which has been left to have a natural feeling – pathways lead to a brook at the bottom of the garden where there is a boardwalk raised above the woodland floor, and a deck in a woodland clearing overlooking the brook. A relaxing place to read a book and have a quiet cup of coffee.

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