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Chartridge Ward Garden, Amersham Hospital


Chartridge Ward, Amersham Hospital

Amersham Hospital has a number of gardens that are in need of a refresh in order to ensure they are welcoming spaces for staff and patients.

Chartridge Ward looks onto an enclosed courtyard garden that was overgrown and had old furniture in it. The brief was to create a calm, relaxing space for staff to be able to use on their breaks, as well as a space where patients could sit outside to enjoy some fresh air and take a little bit of exercise walking around if they are able to. The Courtyard will also be used by the physio team who will use the space for rehabilitation activities

The design solution was to create some new raised planters in order to add more colour and interest around the garden as no hard landscaping changes were possible. Their height also brings the plants closer to the patients, especially if they are in a wheelchair. The planters are on casters so they can be moved if required for access and maintenance. The central planting bed was also cleared out and the new planting scheme continued throughout this area. A new acer was added to create a focal point and to provide bold colour throughout the spring, summer and autumn

New benches were also added around the garden to provide seating areas for different groups and to catch sun or shade at different times of day

Additionally, an area was set aside for garden games to be used by the physio teams and their patients – a roll-out golf putting mat and boules were provided – to facilitate the rehabilitation activities

The refreshed garden will hopefully prove to be a lovely sanctuary for staff and patients alike throughout the seasons

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