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Services / Process

So you know that you really want to make the most of your outdoor space, but it can be a daunting prospect figuring out how to do that! That's where a garden designer can help.


My focus is on helping you to organise the space in your garden to get the most out of it - whether that's a sunny spot to have a morning coffee, a place for watching the sun set, surrounding yourself with colour and dramatic planting, or you want to create a cool, calming space - I will assess your garden and help you to achieve this! 

I set out below what the key stages in the process are - from initial design ideas to final finished garden.


1) Initial Consultation Meeting

At our initial consultation meeting, I will visit you and your current garden, and chat to you about what you want to achieve with your new garden, how you intend to use it, likes and dislikes, practical things you want or need to have in your garden, any potential planning issues etc. 

Signing a Contract

2) Agree scope of design work and design fees

Following our meeting, I will send you a written proposal which will include the design brief based upon our conversation, and will set out the scope of the design work, timing, the design fees and any other third party costs (e.g. survey costs) 


3) Outline Design

Once you have accepted the proposal and confirmed me as your garden designer, I will get to work designing a beautiful new space for you. I will deliver a set of drawings that provide the new layout for your garden design, along with some 3D perspectives that will help to bring the design to life for you. 

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4) Construction Drawings

Assuming you decide to progress with your garden build at this stage, I will then develop a set of detailed design drawings and a specification document suitable for a landscape contractor to provide a quote

Planting Planv1.png

5) Planting Plans

I will design planting for each of your new planting areas, and will source quotes for the plants and trees. I will oversee the planting of these once the hard landscaping ('the 'build') has been completed.


6) Tender Process

I will then manage the tender process where we obtain quotes from a number of landscape contractors who will ultimately complete the build of your garden. I will review these with you to help you choose the best quote in terms of value and quality

Once the landscape contractor has been chosen, you will contract directly with them for the build part of the process, but I will stay involved and will monitor progress and will liaise with the contractors along the way

7) Ongoing Maintenance

Finally, if required, I can create a maintenance plan for you to help you to keep your garden looking amazing!

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