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Colourful garden for entertaining


Residential Front and Rear Garden, Gerrards Cross

This project is a front and rear garden redevelopment.

At the front, the client wanted to create a smarter frontage and a more practical parking area. Privacy from the road is important so we’ve replaced an old, tired fence and overgrown hedge with a smart, new brick wall with inset slatted trellis and evergreen pleached trees above this. To soften the front of the house we’ve added new colourful planting and two other new trees to provide spring blossom and autumn colour.

In the rear garden, the key was to add colour – it’s currently a very evergreen garden with several mature conifers throughout the space – and an enhanced entertaining space. The current paved area is being retained in order to provide a more sustainable solution – it will be cleaned up, and some new planting beds close to the house cut into it in order to bring the feeling of greenery nearer the house. A new clay paver seating area is being added to the paved terrace to create a different seating zone and provide contrast with the existing paving. A new curved pathway leads down the garden to the existing garden room and storage shed.

The planting is split into three themes – the first, closest to the house, is full of colour – hot oranges, yellows and purples will zing throughout the summer months. Close to the garden room, and under a conifer, a new gravel garden is being created to provide a contrast and deal with the difficult, dry conditions under the tree. In another part of the garden, under existing trees, a new woodland garden is being created with woodland floor natives. Winter colour has also been a consideration, with coloured stems, bright berries and interesting winter foliage added throughout the garden.

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